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Take a Trip

Happy Birthday Ryan Dahle – let’s go to the Crow & Gate with Gavin!

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ferry of the future

in the ’30’s the washington State ferry co made lightweight aluminum aerodynamic ferries.   photo by ryan dahle of a photo at the keystone ferry terminal

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Everybody’s going to the show

Ryan Dahle headlines the Venue in Vancouver this Thursday February 3rd. Red Vienna and Guilty About Girls play before us. Ryan’s band will have the following people performing with him:

me, Megan on bass, cello, clarinet

Brent on drums

Ian on guitar

Stef on keyboards–she’s new and great!

We plan to play a couple Limblifter songs, selections from Irrational Anthems, and we may also play the following new songs:

Hotel Knife


Key to Caravana

tickets at the door at ticketweb at zulu or at redcat

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