Limblifter on Southern Souls

Thank-you Mitch, from Southern Souls.  LL playing Wake up to the Sun acoustic-style:

Watch Limblifter perform “Wake Up To The Sun” in a loading dock during NXNE 



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3 responses to “Limblifter on Southern Souls

  1. popcan

    Nice to get such an intimate performance of wake up to the sun..

  2. Sweet version of a great song. I was flipping through the liner notes of Bellaclava it says Doug Elliot plays bass on a few songs, Is that the same Doug Elliot from The Odds?

    Was wonderful getting to see Count To 9 live, too.

  3. Oh my god that was fantastic :), and my favorite song too, thank you! I was in Toronto that whole weekend, I wish I could have seen that.

    I was there and introduced myself to you at the el mocambo. You guys were so good, I definately hope that show sparks some touring for you guys.

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