Limblifter and NXNE adventure times

We went to Toronto to support the re-release of the Limblifter 1st album on vinyl. Order yours here


My pic of the Greggory Goose taking a pic of rockers Ryan Dahle, Grant Lawrence, Chris Murphy


Vinyl = a good mint green


backyard bbqs, beers, and zig zag zorg as a temp-mascot


buck 65 at the backyard bbq


personal favorite: super fan meegee with superfriend matt murphy…yes!  It looks like we are having a stimulating conversation



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2 responses to “Limblifter and NXNE adventure times

  1. Fantastic set at the We Are Busy Bodies showcase – impressive all around.
    Bass-playing chops were superlative and I remember seeing you with the Salteens way back when in Vancouver. Big yay to Eric Warner for having the lightbulb moment to finally get the first Limblifter album on wax.

  2. The show in Hamilton was defiantly one of the best small club shows I have ever seen. Thanks again for coming all the way out to Ontario so I could jump around like a fool!

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