cheese or font

ryan co wrote this song, you can hear him in the chorus.  That’s me saying “Holy Cow” at the beginning!





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3 responses to “cheese or font

  1. That’s a pretty sweet tune. I can’t tell if the anchorman quotes are meant to be there or not. Either way, I approve. I remember seeing that movie in theaters and thinking it was hilarious, but no one else started quoting it until tears later…I was ahead of the curve! How’s the new RD album coming along? Maybe there will be a guest K-os appearance?

  2. The tune wouldn’t play for me for some reason.

    I got 60.1% on Cheese or Font! Higher than the average of 59.5%! Pretty good for someone who doesn’t eat a wide variety of cheese nor utilizes a variety of fonts.

    Hope you and Ryan are doing well!

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