Lazy Bones Update

Hey folks,  I have be very lazy with my blog updates.  Good excuses:

1.  I attended a weekend long Indo-Canadian wedding extravaganza for Brent Follett  (aka Burento our drummer) Check out the photo of Brent Indianized! One of myself too, at the Sikh temple.

2. I had my  appendix out!  Just kidding–I already did that last summer!

3. I got a new job!  I start on Monday…it’s at a foundation so I will always feel like my work is for a greater good.  Halo!

4. FACTOR deadline:  I’ve been helpin’ lots of bands with grant applications…including Mr Dahle’s new album–his new songs are so choice–blows Irrational Anthems out of the water!

5. I enjoy laying completely flat at the park in my free time–see attached photo!



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3 responses to “Lazy Bones Update

  1. oh keith, i think you mean planking! ya, it’s a phenomenon!

  2. Lying flat like that I think you would be good at boarding, it’s an internet craze right now.

  3. popfan

    This song is a true story
    🙂 🙂 😉

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